Paint detackification treats paint overspray. During the wet-painting process, not every particle of paint lands on the component. This overspray is held in the surrounding air. Our paint detackification technologies ensure that these particles are effectively washed out of the air by recirculated water.

    Basically ATP’s Paint Detackification Program consists of 3 chemical main products are Detackifier, Flocculant, PH adjuster. And 2 others for process optional as additive & Biocide base on requirement of each plant:

  • Detackifier: Reduce or eliminate paint ‘tackiness’, coagulation of paint solids
  • Flocculant: Agglomerate suspended paint solids, enhance paint sludge removal from the process, improve dewatering of sludge
  • PH adjuster: Ensure water is in condition to properly detackify paint solids, minimize corrosion rate
  • Additive: Oxidize the solvents to eliminate smell
  • Biocide: Control bacteria levels, minimize corrosion
Our Program of paint detackify chemical designed & select with optimize to cover all paint system of your production colors. I helps line equipment go smoothly with low maintenance cost, less smell, less dirty on the water fall….. 



Finally with Our good chemical programs known as the solution to treat all types of paints from PPG, DuPont, BASF, Nippon, Kansai, tc & reduce system overall cost in the manufacturing process by:

•Ease of operation
•Lower suspended solids returning back to spray booths
•Reduce energy and cleaning costs
•Non smell spread
•Improved sludge removal efficiency as Reduced sludge settling
•Lower the chemical cost


     ATP committes to give the best service for our customer. Chemical start up filling, frequency check, trouble shooting, line running full service for customer option….. 


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