Paint Detackification

Paint detackification treats paint overspray. During the wet-painting process, not every particle of paint lands on the component. This overspray is held in the surrounding air. Our paint detackification technologies ensure that these particles are effectively washed out of the air by recirculated water.

The range of applications covers all known paint systems – from the most basic solvent-based paints and lacquers to clearcoats that are difficult to detackify and the latest in water-based paints, such as hydro-soft paint systems. The objective of coagulation is to bind tacky paint particles as a detackified substance, which virtually eliminates malfunctions in paint-lines and knock-on effects in the production process.

To this end, paint detackification is added to the recirculating water system. Depending on the composition and the type of paint being used, the system uses various mechanisms to separate the paint particles from the water. These particles then have to be removed from the water to enable more paint to be absorbed.


Maximize service lifetime of paint-line

We offer you premium technologies for all needs relating to water treatment for paint detackification. Our effective and state-of-the-art processes pay a key contribution to preventing the build-up of contamination in machine components. They maximize the service lifetime of your paint-line and enable longer periods of water usability, which reduces costs arising from machine downtimes.

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