Our staff are trained to ensure that we always operate with integrity in our commercial and relationships, our philanthropic activities and social engagement activities in response to the highest standards of business conduct for everyone we deal with, influential communities, and the environment


  • We maintain positive work relationships
  • We foster enthusiasm by sharing experiences, ideas and information with each other
  • We create a working environment in which people can learn, contribute and become excellent with the development of ATP.
  • We ensure safety for people and the environment during operation


  • We always strive to act in accordance with the law and the code
  • We always give an opinion about an inappropriate event
  • We preserve the integrity of the assets of ATP and its customers
  • We are responsible for all our activities


  • We have enough power in everything we do
  • We respect all commitments and strive to deliver the best results in ways that are appropriate to our costs
  • We are constantly improving and creating to bring added value to our customers
  • We act in the best legitimate interests of ATP, towards the long-term interests of our customers and investors


ATP staff

  • Respect the rules of organization protecting brand discipline professionally and voluntarily
  • Internal cooperation with partners who work well with customer-oriented people
  • Contribute to building the official and formal ATP culture in activities and interactions

ATP leadership

  • Using the quintessence of knowledge, synthesized practical experience to create quality products for customers
  • Self-respect for professional personality, respect for employees and organizations
  • Standards, organizational development efforts are an example to be followed for everyone