Company Introduction
ATP., JSC has been established in 2009. Working in two main business fields:
Machine & Chemical for Car care & Production plant.
Home care products with many popular brands as CLAI, SHIF, VIs, KLAR, CLEAR, LOOK, NEO, VIS CAR, UP235…
Our mission is creating products by deeply under-standing at people and culture to protect, beautify and caring for each our customer.


Starting its business in Vietnam in 2009, ATP brand “ATP new technology promotion” is known for its first products which are machinery and equipment serving the production of motor vehicles for domestic and domestic and foreign enterprises

So far, after more than 10 years of continuous development, many business lines have been expanded since 2015, the company has launched many brands including Car care and Home care fields such as CLAI, SHIF, CLEAR, KLAR, VIS, NeO, VIS CAR, CAR SHAMPOO CLEANER … have become familiar names to Vietnamese households, helping to improve the living conditions, health and hygiene for every Vietnamese people.

At ATP, we consider that business success must go hand in hand with strong commitment to the community and environment, which will be a solid foundation for us to realize a sustainable and lasting ATP company. .